Little red running hot


1990 celica gts runnning hot.I’ve bought a new radiator,waterpump,thermostat(2) one from well known autoparts store,the later from toyota. Its still running hot!! What eles could be wrong.(help)


Does it lose any coolant?


yes alot if i drive too far.


Have you checked or replaced your radiator cap?

Ed B.


yes if i drive too far


yes one came w/ the new radiator.I also bought one previous to that


Do you see an external leak? If not, it is possible you have a leak internal to the engine. A head gasket leak can be causing your problem.


Time to test for a leaking head gasket.


How do you know it’s running hot? Is that only based on the temp. gauge?


If you are unable to find a leak, I would look into a head gasket issue. Many shops can do a quick sniff test (using a special tool) to find exhaust gases in the coolant.