1992 ford tarus

it runs hot have replaced water pump but still run hot…it runs great but hot

what can cause this

Bad thermost, bad radiator cap, clogged radiator, fan not running, low coolant, bad timing, and the list goes on. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have the proper coolant mix in the system. Put on a new radiator cap.
Radiator caps are very important, cheap, and very often overlooked. If they release pressure too soon the engine will run hotter than it is supposed to. Then let the engine warm up and see if the fans are coming on when they are supposed to. If the main fan is not coming on when it is supposed to, then you probably have a bad temperature sensor. A thermostat that does not open all the way will also cause overheating. And when you had the water pump replaced was the cooling system flushed? These are all simple and inexpensive things to check on and correct. Do a visual check of the engine, any coolant leaks? Or water in the oil, or oil in the water? Bubbles in the radiator? Coolant full? Things like that. There are many reasons that the engine could be running hot, but the coolant system is pretty easy to trouble shoot, sometimes harder to repair, but usually not too difficult.

How are you determining that it is really running hot or that it is just indicating it is hot?

3.8 V6 engine?