Little Car Humor


That last one was my car from college…

Open trunk, see feet below!
Brake failure? Push feet through floor Fred Flintstone style!


I owned a 66 Fleetwood my last year of college. The 4 doors flapped in the wind if I went over 40.

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Is that the model with no “B” pillar between the doors for extra support?

But it looked cool with all the windows down…

Don’t remember. It was a cheap car that got me from point a to point b in extreme comfort. Even with all the rust it ran great and had an extremely smooth ride. It wouldn’t fit in my house garage. Couldn’t park it in todays narrow space parking lots.

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I looked up a picture… skinny little frames on the door but not much B pillar support.

Big, big car…

I can’t find my old iPad. I’ll check the car seats.