Lithium Grease Used on Brake Pad to Stop Squeaks

A couple of weeks ago (~month) I heard a listener question on Car Talk about using lithium grease to stop brake pad squeaking between the brake pad and rotor. I was not able to listen to the complete discussion and can not find it through the website search or ‘free’ archives. Would someone direct me to the discussion or share what Click-n-Clack’s recommended?

Thank you.

The grease is used on the backside of the pads, not on the face, and you can’t use just any lithium grease or the brakes will catch on fire under certain conditions. The recommended grease is MolyCoat77 which is an extreme high temp grease. They did not note this in the call.

Thanks, Keith. Do you remember what day or podcast that call was on or how I can search for it?

I think you heard a rerun of an old show. I vaguely remember the call and though at the time that they needed to add the information about using an extreme high temp grease. Chrysler Corp had used the wrong type grease on some of its vehicles and had to deal with some lawsuits over brake fires.

You can try the search box located just under the “Ask a Question” box in the upper right hand corner of this page or click on the home page and follow the threads for shows.

Thank you.

Hmmm. I have always used silicone grease on the slides. I’ve had a tube that’s lasted for years and labeled just for brakes. Also on the wear points on drum brakes. However, I have never used and grease on the backs of the pads. I use anti-squeal compound on the backs to dampen the vibration on the pads which causes the squeal. I’m just a shade tree though but thats what the service manual says.

I think it is all the same stuff.
Some pads come with little squeeze out vials that you’re supposed to put between the shim and pad and along where it touches the hold down springs. It looks and feels like molycote to me, which is just a high temperature grease as Keith indicated.

Bing, I use a silicone grease on the slides (bushings, pins or whatever they are called by the different manufacturers) as well. I also prefer the anti-squeal compound, but the Molycoat77 is specified by some manufacturers.