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Liquid Leaking Between Exhaust Pipe and Muffler

I noticed liquid leaking from the area between the B exhaust pipe and the muffler. The B exhaust pipe is simply the long exhaust pipe that attaches to the A pipe, or center exhaust pipe near the front. I think the leak is water. It’s a slow leak/drip that appears to be coming from the gasket. I have a 1.6L 1998 Honda Civic DX. Any ideas?

It is most likely water, leaking from a weak exhaust gasket or a soon-to-open rust-trough spot. Water is a by-product of combustion and most of it leaves with the exhaust as steam. Some of it cools enough to condense to water, and drip from the exhaust. I wouldn’t worry about it, but just know that when that gasket completely goes, the exhaust will get loud.

As usual, I agree with Bustedknuckles. Just in case you wanted additional confirmation of his comment. Not that it’s needed, but…oh, nevermind.

Thanks for the help. I might get my mechanic to replace the exhaust gasket. Those muffler-to-pipe bolts are always tough to get out. So it will be better if he does it.

Anyway, thanks!

Most of us just cut the bolts and replace them. On my own vehicles I replace them with stainless steel bolts and nuts with a dab of antiseize to prevent galling.

Is there POSSIBLY a “weep hole” in the CC…like on the muffler, that has been plugged or roughed up enough that the water is flowing down the pipe ?(short trips make water)
I had a muffler that did this to me…and it drove me NUTS for a bit until I fully cleared the weep hole. Just a thought.

I’ll look!