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Liquid glass

i have a 2000 chevy blazer yesterday i noticed a small leak of antifreeze coming from the head gasket. ive had sevral people tell me to use liquid glass and several tell me not too… ive done some research and mostly its used for older models. iss this gonna work or should i forget it?

Liquid Glass is a generic term for Sodium Silicate, which is used in a variety of engine block sealers. Some have used it with good results, for others it either didn’t work or it plugs up radiator and heater passages. If it does “work”, it’s only a band-aid and it’s anyone’s guess when the leak will reappear.

If I cared about a car and wanted some more dependable miles from it, then I would not use Liquid Glass. Instead, I’d fix the car correctly.

However, if I just wanted to band-aid a car to keep it going for a while longer, then I’d give it a try.

If you try it, you’re gambling on if it will work, how long it will work for, and if it will cause any other problems.

The only comment I can add tp Joe’s is that he said it perfectly. Additives are for trying when you’ve little to lose. If the vehicle is in otherwise good shape you’re better advised to do a proper repair.

By the way, have you checked for evidence of hydrocarbons in the coolant? Or other evidence that the headgasket has caused a breech between the coolant and cylinders or coolant and oil passages? These problems will destroy teh engine if not repaired.

If you are handy you could try re-torquing the head gasket when the engine is cold. The only thong you would have to remove is the valve covers, and maybe the air cleaner.