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Does it work

have had a compression test done.water leaked from middle rear near fire wall,and near the top of radiator on the side.guy said he thinks head gasket and cracked block.truck is not worth what he wants to fix it.thinking about liquid steel.does anyone no if it works and will it seal the radiator,the block and the head gasket.or does someone have a better way.

Sometimes it works. And sometimes it wrecks your engine. But it sounds like your engine is already wrecked, and you’re (wisely, IMO) not planning on spending the money to fix it properly, so you have pretty much nothing to lose. Either it will work and you’ll get a little more life out of the truck, or it won’t, and you’ll end up in the same situation you are now - with a broken truck.

You might want to check to find out if your radiator is steel or plastic.

If you want to go with the Mechanic-In-A-Can method to fix it, call a local pharmacy and order a bottle of sodium silicate for about $20.00. Pour this in the cooling system, start the engine and bring the RPM’s to 1200 until the leaks stop. If this stuff don’t work, nothing will.


thanks,i read that same thing recently.i think i will try the sodium silicate.will let you no results.will this also stop leak in radiator

These days a cracked block is pretty much an accident (or better said an impact) related situation so I don’t think you have a cracked block. I am going to guess this is a 4 cylinder S-10 (boy I have not seen very many). Is there any reason (like you drove while overheating) to suspect a cracked head? In any case just doing a gasket may be a waste of money. We (I) need more information .

If the silicate fails to seal it up, get another bottle and pour it in the crankcase…This is 100% guaranteed to cure all your problems…

it is a so borrowed it to go to first he told me it happened when he got there.anti freeze shooting all over the place,white smoke comeing out the back.later he said he drove about 30 mi. like that.bottom line.truck would not start untill we pulled some plugs and water shot guessing that dried it out.looks like no anti freeze got in the oil,but mabey some water,very little.hope this is enough to figure it out.thanks again

You pulled plugs and water shot out of the cylinders? And, you want to know if the motor is OK? Not OK, it was driven into the ground. Driving the 30 miles after overheating finished off this motor. Time and effort to fix it is just a waste of time and money. You need to go shopping for another truck. Don’t let anyone borrow the new truck who can’t pay for all the damage they do to it.