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Link for the best snow tire discussion ever

Don’t want a snow tire discussion here - nor do I want a list of Google results. asking instead for the best discussion anyone can give a link for, to decide if snow tires are worth it.

Then why make this post. Do an internet search and find hundreds of links.





I don’t think you’ll find what you’re looking for. Any discussion on snow tires is crazy, since it only snows about 5 days a year so they’re clearly not worth it.

Seriously, even the CR article linked above is bogus, or at least misleading.

Quote: widespread snow tire use reduced winter accidents by 5 percent…

Quote: Despite the clear advantage…

Accident reduction of 5 percent is not a clear advantage, I’d say it’s negligible at best, probably a wash, and certainly reducing my odds of accident by only 5% is an argument AGAINST buying snow tires.

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Uh, uh!

"Don’t want a snow tire discussion here -"

Once again, I agree with Volvo . . .

If you don’t want a discussion with US, then don’t try to get us involved

The internet is your friend . . . there’s plenty of ratings and/or discussions out there

So you want a link to an existing discussion, but don’t want to have a discussion with US . . . ?!

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Would you want to have a discussion with us?

I wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member!


I have never had snow tires, lived in MN ND WI IL, Why not decide if you need them based on your personal experience, many cars handle snow quite differently. Some are fine, some are ice skates. Not snow tires but mud grips for year round use when I had my 2wd toyota pickup, as even rain with regular all seasons was an issue.

When the light bulb goes off for you, “I think I need snow tires get them.” Not too hard of a concept.

Probably not

After all, we ramble on, insult each other, contradict each other, etc. . . . all the time


No we don’t! You’re out of your mind!


Sooooo you don’t value our advice, but you’d like us to do your internet search for you.
Forget it. :imp:


Well I might as well say it. I’m not sure I really care what you want. You aren’t paying me and I can say whatever I want. If you don’t like it, I’ll send you a refund. Now I think you will find as illuminating discussion here on winter tires as anywhere. If you go back a year or two here and particularly focus on comments made by “dagosa” you are sure to be enlightened. He drives on pretty bad roads so it just depends on your roads and needs. As far as Tirerack comments go, I have found the user comments pretty unhelpful. Pick a tire and there are good and bad results reported so its still a guess. The results shown by TR themselves are a little more useful but I’ve found my own tire dealer provides the best info.

Db reminded me of a pretty unlikable guy that used to work for me. He’d disagree and argue about everything. So his supervisor sat him down to discuss his disagreeable nature and the guy said “no I’m not”. Lost cause. Finally just fired him.

Do you have a point to make . . . ?

I respect you just fine. I like many of your comments, and you give good advice, IMO

But I’m not seeking your admiration, and I’m not out to gain friends on this website

So if you find me disagreeable, that’s YOUR problem

You are not my boss

You are not my supervisor

You are a faceless guy on the internet . . . as am I, for that matter

You’re just going to have to put up with me

And I will have to put up with you . . . last time I looked, I didn’t have a problem with you

But I’m not sure if the reverse is true . . . ?

If you care to think of it in those terms

BTW . . . YOU are the one who initiated this

Or was I NOT supposed to read between the lines . . . ?

I may be mistaken, but I believe that WAS your intent

After all, we ramble on, insult each other, contradict each other
No we don’t! You’re out of your mind!

Db, I think you misunderstood if you were talking about my comments. Your and ASE’s comments reminded me of my guy. You two were making a joke no? I was adding to the joke, not criticizing you.

Winter tires are like religion. Some of us believe in them and some of us don’t. The ones who believe will never stop believing and will proselytize to anyone who will listen (include me in this category). Others will never be convinced of their value, especially if they live someplace where snow is not a constant winter threat. Just like religion, we argue over who is right (since we all believe we are) and get angry about it when our beliefs are threatened. Those of us who have been “saved” by winter tires have unshakeable “faith”. Those who have not driven inside the temple of winter doom (Western NY for me) will always view them as extra expense and aggravation.

Just like religion we should agree to express our own beliefs and not expect anyone to convert us. Posters can come to our forums of endless discussion on this topic (as well as oil change intervals) and decide for themselves if they want to join our religion. Perhaps, just like religion, we should seek to avoid discussing certain topics in polite company… Who am I kidding. We’re not polite!!!

I sincerely apologize, in light of what you just said :cry:

Over the internet, it sure seemed like you were criticizing me

Once again, I was wrong :frowning2:

Yes, I was joking around with @asemaster

But some of us DO get into it from time to time . . . including/especially me :stuck_out_tongue: