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SE WI snow tire survey, add yours!

Southeast WI 1/2 way between Chicago and Milwaukee. We get our fair share of snow, I called 3 places to ask the percentage of cars that use snow tires, as I know no one that has them but see many recommendations for them on this board.

Goodyear, less than 5%

Tires Plus, 15%

Kenosha Tire 25% caviot most of the snow tires are for the low profile tires that come with a summer tire as standard.

and your point is…?

I don’t see many cars in NE rural PA with snow tires either. Perhaps a better survey, how many of the cars pulled out of ditches had winter tires? and how many didn’t?

If you are good to go without winter tires, your call.

My point was I have seen posters disrespected for not recommending snow tires on all 4, and it is unknown to have snow tires with all the people I know. I think you have a good question but as many people know it is not the ability to go in the snow but stop or maintain control in the snow. The biggest factor is not driving too fast for conditions, as we have all seen the 4wd vehicle in the ditch.

Remember when our parents just slapped a pair of recap snow tires on the back and they were good to go! Firestone Town & Country tread with ground up walnut shells worked best! About $15 each, mounted…Good for 2 seasons…Did you want white-walls? $2 extra…

We live in snow country too, in the upper Midwest US. I have not used snow tires since radial tires came as standard equipment on new cars. Our first car with radial tires was a 1974 rear driver and did ok in winter.

People may have forgotten how poorly non-snow bias ply tire traction was in snow and how much better even regular radials worked. Front drivers with radial tires were a sea change type improvement for winter driving. I consider radial snows to be unnecessary but I live in relatively flat terrain; can’t speak for those who live in very hilly country with unsalted roads.

If you are the belt and suspenders type, then yes, get radial snows.

Note: Today we have winter tyres available. They greatly out perform snow tyres.

I suggest for information and usually good deals.

Why does the percentage of people who install winter tires matter?

People who install winter tires KNOW they make a huge difference. We don’t need everyone else to justify our decisions.

If they want to slip and slide all winter, that’s their business. I don’t need to be convinced about the value of winter tires on all four wheels.

I believe the biggest advantage of winter tires over the all season tires that come on modern cars is not going in snow and ice, but rather stopping on snow and ice.

As soon as I leave my driveway I encounter a steep downhill slope ending with a stop sign. Without winter tires I have hit the brakes and gone across the road and into a ditch in an AWD car with standard tires. Got winter tires on same car and no problem stopping in even worse conditions. If I wasn’t a believer before this happened I was after.

Not everyone needs winter tires. It depends on what you drive, how you drive, and where you drive. I like the confidence of knowing that I have a good chance at getting back home when mother nature throws a winter storm my way.

I will add winter tires are essential “when” and “what” you drive.

All-seasons that work in the winter conditions simply are not great for summer dry traction. This does not matter to majority of people however if you spring the extra money for a performance vehicle why put cruddy tires on.

Timing is also everything. If you can wait winter conditions are much more pleasant once the plows/sanders/salters hit. Before than it can be hazardous at times.

Remember when our parents just slapped a pair of recap snow tires on the back and they were good to go!

That brings back memories…I use to do that on all my cars in the 70’s…Could only get a couple of seasons out of them…but they were cheap…and decent snow tires.

Do snow tires make a difference??? …YES…No question…

But do you need them?? - It all depends on where you live and how much snow you get.

Here in NH where we average about 60"/yr snow/winter tires are NOT really needed…95% of the time your driving on dry pavement. The amount of snow we get is usually limited to 5 storms where the plows come out and clear the snow and put down TONS of salt. Now if you do a lot of driving to the mountains for skiing…then snow/winter tires are a good idea…But just driving around the Boston area…wast of money.

Upstate NY North of Syracuse…or upper Michigan…Average snow fall is over 200". A lot of lake effect snow…and many times the plows can’t keep up…YUP…snows are the only way to get around…In fact I highly recommend AWD/4WD…Tug Hill Plateau - Track drive is highly recommended.

SE WI location…paper routes on unplowed and/or unsalted streets…

Dedicated winter tires…absolutely.

For years now I’ve used only all season radials here in southern NH without problems. But there’s a few qualifiers: I always make sure I have PLENTY of tread, and in my pickup I always weight in the rear.

Winter tires are definitely superior on bad roads, I have no argument there, however I guess I’d be in the percentage that said “no” to the question.

Winter tires technology has come a long way. I’ve been using them on our minivan for a few yrs. here in Chicago and they do make a big difference. Besides, with 3 kids as our precious cargo they can be the difference between coming home and sliding off an highway ramp.

I live in Tosa and I use snow tires but my family has always just used all season. On my last car I had some Hankook IPike and those tires were AMAZING!!! They pulled me thru anything

I used all season tires in Chicago on a rear wheel drive car. With reasonable caution, no problem.

Since 1995 when Tire rack site had bridgestone blizzak,tried it on our 95 Accord,ordered
4 sets with steel rims,I finally found answer how to deal with driving on Chicago winters
Stopping,traction and peace of mind and being a Nurse to drive to work its a good investment to me rather than those leather seats,sunroof,roof rack etc, etc.All our 3 cars had them,put them on mid Nov-March and save 3 season tires and their tread last longer.
Since switching tires-did synthetic oil changes and get them ready for what ever mother nature will throw on us.