Is it my clutch?

my 97 mazda 626 will only shift into gear while the car is off… when on it wont budge into gear at all and reverse grinds slightly so i dont force it… i have to turn the car off to get into reverse then on to go… then off again to get into first and on to go… after that while in motion it still wont budge into second… please tell it its not my transmission and be honest lol… can not afford it at all and i live in a really bad neighborhood where walking is not an option… also its hard to take out of gear while on to… could be pressure plate or something??? plz??? anything but my transmission!! im begging jesus please

From what you’re described, it sounds like your clutch is not disengaging when press the pedal. It does not sound like a transmission problem, but I would get it looked at before you end up damaging the transmission by trying to force it into gear.

yes, well see im paying on the car and payment is due… have not had it two weeks and is used… it accelerates fine can peel out in first and no i am not driving it because of fear i may really muck it up … what im really wondering is… i dont want to make the payment tomorrow if its going to cost more then 800 or so… i simply cannot afford it…

im just looking for comfort in knowing i didnt buy a car that needs extensive work… it ran great… the prob seem to start while driving… did i mention that when i accelerated and put a little pressure to shift it kinda just went into gear and i did not have to force it? does that help? ty for ur time tho its hell trying to find someone to talk to about it when u KNOW NOONE… just moved here =/

I would find a local shop and just have them take a look, it might be something simple. Once you know what the problem is you can decide what to do.

yeah, sounds like clutch

thanks guys, if i took it to a shop about how much would it cost to get it checked into?
I will more then likely make my payment tomorrow
will take food from meh mouth but atleast i wont have to walk through the eastside just to get to work

Some places will provide free diagnosis of a problem, although they are generally chain shops (Midas, Speedy, etc.)