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Lincon continental

Just bought third “late Model” Contental-1998. Have parts car (99). Rear air bag systen is not working/ back of car low. Fuses are OK. Where is the compressor/ where should I start my trouble-shoot? Thanks- very cold so I’m posting Vs. Wrenching today!

The first thing you need to do is buy a service manual for this car. Haynes is pretty good but a factory manual would be better.

Try for used manuals or for a new factory manual.

I see that you have a couple of questions that might be more quickly answered on a Lincoln-specific board. I recommend

Rather than the compressor, the problem is likely to be the air bladders themselves. There is a factory retrofit kit enabling you to change over to steel coil springs, and I suggest that you use this rather than continue to fool around with the trouble-prone air suspension.

The leak, or leaks usually occur around the solenoid O-rings or the bottom fold of the bladders. The problem with doing a piecemeal repair is that if you fix one area of dry rotted rubber a leak may spring up somewhere else.

Since it’s unlikely you have the tool designed to scan the system you might check this site for info the DIYer can use.

Hope that helps you out some.