Lincoln Zephyr

My daughters car is turning over but not coming on. Just brought a new battery. Confused on why it won’t start. Please help.

It’s either a no-fuel or no-spark condition. Try turning the key from Off to Run (not all the way to Start) and listen for the fuel pump in the gas tank. It should run for a couple seconds then turn off. Cycle the key from Off to Run a few times, then all the way to Start. The “key dance” brings fuel and fuel pressure up to the engine, if the fuel pump is running.

Did this start immediately after the new battery was installed? Some Ford products have to be towed to the dealer to get the key reprogrammed to the computer because all memory for the security system was lost when the battery was removed.

If you own one of these models, there is a memory keeper that houses a 9V battery and plugs into the cigarette lighter/power port to keep the memory alive while the battery was exchanged.

I seriously doubt that is what’s going on here . . .

I can understand losing presets for clock, radio, power seats and so forth, though