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Lincoln Navigator starting issue

2000 Navigator has charged battery but will not turn over. Will turn over if I bridge the solenoid on the firewall and then will start up when I use the key. Bad solenoid ? Or?

This usually indicates a bad solenoid, but may also be an ignition switch issue. I would go ahead and replace the solenoid. It is a very common issue on Fords and is cheap and easy to install. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you are probably looking at a problem with the ignition switch or its wiring.

Do you have a test light?

If so have someone turn the key to the start postion and then check for power at the small wire on the solenoid, you should see power at that terminal any time the switch is turned to the start position.

If you don’t have any power at this terminal then you need to look further, otherwise it is likely that you have a bad solenoid.

Thanks, It was a bad solenoid