Battery? engine? solenoid? I'm not sure

My 2000 Ford Escort has issues. It has problems turning over when it’s cooler outside (sometimes it won’t turn over at all), and recently my “check engine” light came on. Not long after the light came on, my car started shaking more than usual when it’s idle (sometimes), and it turned off completely at a stop light yesterday. I was able to start it again without any problems.

I need to get a new solenoid for my car…could a bad solenoid be causing all these problems? Or is there a problem with the battery or engine? Or is it all of these things?

Since your check engine light came on, take it to a local auto parts store that will read the computer codes for free. Then post the results here.

Stop guessing. The battery and starter can be tested. Most auto parts do it free.

Have the codes read to see why the Check Engine Light is on. Most auto parts stores ditto.

Until you do some testing you won’t know where the problem is. Or problems are.

Either way, guessing will cause you to spend money needlessly.

I had a diagnostics test ran on the car yesterday. The test said it was a “lean” problem or something like that…I remember the guy said “lean.” He told me it could be any number of things, including a dirty fuel injector or a problem with a hose, so he said to start off with adding a fuel additive to clean the fuel injector.

See if you can get the actual error codes. They will have a format of [P1234] Post that code to a replay to your original message.