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Lincoln LS THX Stereo

Bought a used 2006 LS recently. The windows have an after-market tint added to them by a previous owner. My FM radio reception is bad and AM reception is non-existent. I read on-line that the tint can interfere with the integrated antenna. Is this true and will removing it improve my reception? Also, they came from the factory with satellite radio ready as a dealer-installed option. Has anyone had this installed? How much did the dealer charge? None of the Lincoln dealers around here know anything about it and they seem very disinterested when I ask questions about installation. Thanks.

  1. The antenna uses the rear defroster grid. Is the rear defroster working? If not, that’s where your problem is. Tint on the rear window could reduce reception. Tint on the side windows shouldn’t make much difference.

  2. For the satellite module, you can get it from Ford or aftermarket. (There are some aftermarket that plug into the factory radio and are controlled from the touch screen just like the Ford module.)
    Ford: Call for Max in the parts department. He’ll ship it to where ever you are. A good stereo shop can put it in for you if you don’t want to do it.
    Aftermarket: Ask for Andy.

Thanks for the info.

Since my rear defroster works fine I’m assuming it’s the window tint in the rear window. Info I found online indicates there is a metallic component in window tint that can interfere with an integrated antenna. I guess the tint has to go.

Can any reputable shop intsall the satellite radio? Will the FM 2 button on the radio (nav) screen become the SAT button when installed?

"Can any reputable shop intsall the satellite radio? Will the FM 2 button on the radio (nav) screen become the SAT button when installed? "

Yes, they should be able to.
Yes, “FM1” will now toggle between FM1 and FM2.
“FM2” will become “SAT1” and will toggle between SAT1, SAT2, and SAT3.

THX for a car???

Yep, a number of Lincolns (maybe all) are available with THX-certified sound systems.

That’s what confuses me…The THX certification is for Theater. Was first developed by Lucas films for Movie Theaters…and later for Home theaters…So…do you watch a lot of movies in the Lincoln…or go to the 20 or so Drive-ins in left in the country.

They have a sound certification for cars.

My LS has the THX/Navigation system. It uses ten speakers. It sounds good, but my ears aren’t good enough to notice much difference.

Learn something new every day.

It’s a big departure from what it was intended for.

They also make THX Certfied computer speakers, I have Klipsch Pro Media 5.1’s for my gaming PC. They are incredible for the price.

Klipsch does make speakers for theaters. Again…stretching what the original meaning of THX certified was. It seems to me that it’s nothing more then a marketing gimmick. Not saying anything bad against your Klipsch speakers…I LOVE my Klipsch center channel speaker…

Does anyone know the wattage of the Lincoln LS 2006 rear speakers? I have bought some JBL 180 watts speakers for the rear but I have no info on the factory THX speakers & don’t want to go through the hassle just to find out that the JBL 180 watts is too much wattage. Please let me know As Soon As Possible!!!

  1. This is an eight year old post

  2. When speaking about wattage as it relates to speakers. 180 watts would be how much wattage the speakers are rated to handle. The speaker doesn’t produce any wattage per se. You need to determine how much wattage is going to that specific speaker in order to gauge whether or not the speaker can handle the amount of wattage being sent to it. You might find that your audio system produces 400-600 watts, but that’s just the total system power not necessarily how much wattage is going to an individual speaker,

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Wattage is a meaningless measurement. What’s more meaningful is the efficiency. JBL are noted for being very efficient. The 180 wattage rating means they can handle 180 watts RMS (continuously). What you may find is JBL’s are too loud and you may need to adjust balance.

The thing you need to worry about with these systems is they are designed using the correct amps/speakers and placement for maximum performance. Replacing a speaker with a different one may effect the overall sound.

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