2018 Lincoln Continental - Bad audio

Sound system is so “hi-fi” bad you can’t hear it over the noisy road noise. Was VERY surprised after the sticker said it had an incredible audio system, which is a lie!

Good thing you discovered that on the test drive before you bought it.


Maybe the sticker was incredible re: audio system. If the system is not working well, ask the dealer for their help. There may be a setting that’s wrong, or a defective component. It is repairable or, need be, replaceable.

Something is not set right.somehow I doubt a $50000 plus car has a terrible sounding audio system . Saying nothing you should not be getting very much road noise inside the cabin .

If the car doesn’t have the DVD version of the infotainment package, that could be the problem. If so, go back to the dealership and compare a car w/the DVD version with yours. They should know what to do to upgrade yours, if there’s a noticeable difference in sound quality.

What would that have to do with sound quality or volume ? Good Grief , our 2018 Ford Fiesta does not have DVD feature and it sounds just fine .

Concerning the low quality sound system-the ads say it was supposed to have 20 great speakers, but my dealer did not disclose there were only 9 “hi-fi” sounding ones. I took it to the dealer today and asked how it could be such tinny sounding high tech items were considered fine. They DID admit that my car did not have what was on the sticker and ads, and that it was something people DO HAVE UPGRADED AT HUGE EXPENSE! I’m afraid to have them replaced with Bose or Alpine because my car will get torn apart and might have future problems. The dealer definitely knew about it, because there is a setting in the system that turns up the sound auto when in high speed which is when it’s got so much road noise (over 70mph). Maybe the tires and odd rims cause the noise, I don’t know, but THEY SHOULD!
Lesson learned- ask about and drive the car 50 mi on a good test drive and check EVERYTHING- trust no salesmen! Just because it’s $50K + doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to cut corners at your expense :rage: I’ve had cars 50 yrs, none sound this bad.

Lincoln knows they aren’t putting good speakers in their cars. That needs to change. Maybe if I only listen to Rap or Hip-Hop it wouldn’t matter. Synthesized sound is different than Classical - which isn’t on Sirus. I’m sorry I bought this car. :rage: the road noise is awful too.

Are you saying you did not get the audio system that is on your list of included options? Is that what you mean by “on the sticker”. If so that is illegal. Your car must contain all options listed on the window sticker. If you mean something else, please explain.

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I did take it to the dealer today, I guess they are all half deaf, or are so young they think “hi-fi” is cool. But I’ve never had a car in 50 years that had this bad of sound. They did admit the big system in their ads was not on it though it was implied on the sticker. I never would have thought they would cut costs on speakers. They could do without a few other useless bells & whistles. I have to pay to replace them myself w Alpine or Bose, but the AC Delco that’s been in my Cadillacs that sounded so great is what I expected. I wouldn’t have bought this car had I known. I wish GM still made their touring cars.

I’m surprised to hear that there’s lots of road noise. My wife was looking at a 2018 Lincoln MKX and a 2018 Cadillac XT5. The Lincoln was the quieter car on the road, though she chose the Cadillac in the end.

Have you carefully read the audio section of the owners manual? There are likely adjustments that can improve the sound.

My 2011 Lincoln MKZ has the top-of-the-line THX sound system, and it sounded terrible when set to flat response. Only by setting the bass to minimum and the treble near maximum did I get something acceptable.

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The sticker says it has the Sync3 sound which is usually in combined w the Rebel speakers. My beef is that the salesman hurried up the test drive and sale, it was my fault to not have checked everything myself. But that takes a good long drive. I’m sorry bought this car it’s road noise is known or they wouldn’t have the option to up the sound at high speeds. :rage:

Many cars have the option to increase sound volume with speed. Don’t hold that against Lincoln.

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That has nothing to do with the dealer, vehicle manufactures have been using automatic sound leveling in vehicles to compensate for road noise for more than 20 years.

Have you checked the equalizer settings? I find most customers have the sound set to abnormal levels, the sound quality is usually disappointing.

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The Revel upgrade is an option on top of Sync-3. Not “usual”. If Revel wasn’t listed on the sticker, then you missed it.

I still bet the sound can be improved with careful adjustments.

Agreed. It’s not as easy at it used to be, with a bass knob and a treble knob (or just a tone knob) but you can do more adjustment than ever. It takes patience to delve into the menus.

My friend says the instruction book for his Hyundai’s audio/phone/GPS system was fatter than the owners manual for the rest of the car.

Ok- tell me why she liked the Cadi? I’ve had them since 1980. I was spoiled by the great ride, sound, luxury. The Cadi dealer told me they don’t make them like that anymore. I had a 2001 DTS- absolutely incredible car. I’ve read the new Cadis don’t have the room like the older ones. Plus is the sound system the same?

Yes, I tested all the sound options. I guess being a classical musician I want a full real symphonic sound like Cadi had. I think ide go deaf w the road noise and tinny radio. It’s all about our hearing ability probably. Everyone hears things different, plus in this time sound is synthesized not w a musical instrument but a computerized sound. My ear is too used to real full concert sound. Thankyou

Well, it sounds like you didn’t spend any time checking on what’s is an EXTREMELY important part of your car. Live and learn. Does the dealer offer you any options?