Lincoln Cartier TC 1990 (zip-91784)

I desperately need (2) wheels. The chrome has been chipping off and making the tires leak. Fix-a-Flat and “Slime” not working.

Anyone know someone in the Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, LaVerne, and/or Claremont, Ca. areas where they could get me a couple of decent used wheels to replace my defective ones? There was a great place (“New/Used Tire Center” at Grove Ave. / 9th St. in R.C. (Upland?) but I called there today at 230p and no answer. HELP!

You might check Ebay. You also might google ‘alloy wheel repair Los Angeles’. But repair may cost more than used wheels.

Thanks texases… but I’d prefer a local guy to deal with face to face…

I suspect the reader base of this forum is not large enough to locate a specialty part in a small geographic area. Have you tried Craigslist?

I will. Thanks, SDWH…

Bohdan, you might also try the Car Talk Mechanics Files to find a local shop recommended by other listeners, and perhaps those shops might be able to point you in the right direction as well.