328i goes into "limp mode" when driving


My 2007 328i has sat for a a couple of years in the garage. After a fresh tank of fuel and a new battery she started right up. I checked the fluids (no leaks) and took her out for a ride.
I missed driving her, felt solid as I drove. When I steer into a curve, the car slows down and the dash displays a “LIMP MODE” message. When I depress the clutch pedal, the message message goes away but the car still travels like the brakes are on.
What is LIMP MODE and how do I remedy this?

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LIMP MODE is when the engine management system see’s a major problem that can damage the engine/transmission.

The computer then operates the engine/transmission to prevent damage from occurring by allowing you to limp the vehicle in to find out the cause.


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If it’s been stood for a while could be many things, they don’t like being idle for any time. If it occurs when you’re turning/ cornering it might be bringing the traction control on to early, this can happen if any of the “g” or “yaw” sensors for the DSC have gone out of calibration from having no power for a while. If it’s cutting in it will try to reduce throttle to stop the perceived slide and this could bring on the limp mode. I presume it’s the engine light warning?


You didn’t mention it in your original post, but it appears that the CEL is lit up.
The presence of the CEL–coupled with the car going into limp mode–is your signal that you need to get the car to a competent mechanic before you wind up damaging the engine and/or the catalytic converter. Do not continue to drive it in this condition.

Even if you put in some fresh gas, I wonder how much “old gas” was still in the tank.

Running years old gas in anything is going to cause some issues. May not be related to the Limp Mode, but still not a good idea.