1995 Dodge Grand Caravan - limp mode

My 95 Dodge Grand Caravan goes into Limp Mode after the transmission warms up. Usually after driving a couple miles. start up the next day shifts fine until driven a few miles will go into limp mode again. The wiring harness has been fixed still the same problem. Is it the TCM?

Do you have any engine or transmission diagnostic codes?

It has an OBD1. do not have the scanner for it.

Two choices, buy one or leave reading the codes to your mechanics.

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Ok, I see. My Corolla is OBD1 also. I’m able to read engine diagnostic codes on that car using Toyota’s blink method, where the codes are blinked out by the computer on the dashboard, sort of morse code. I expect your Dodge has something similar to read engine codes. If your Dodge has transmission diagnostic code capability, probably can’t read those with the blink method. You’ll need a shop with that sort of instrumentation.

What makes you think it is in LIMP mode BTW?

Follow these steps to see if there are any tranny codes.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the 95 Caravan is the same generation as the 1990 that I had…well, Grand Caravan with the 3.3L engine.

It was temperamental, sometimes ran normally, sometimes stayed in a low gear. I got lucky and made it home (1200 miles) mostly with normal behavior. It was probably irrelevant but I kept the speed to about 50mph, which I wanted to believe is what triggered limp mode…sort of like a superstition.

Back at home, I went to a transmission shop because the symptoms seemed related to the transmission. They scanned it and told me it was the speed sensor, about $25 as I recall. I bought it from the shop and installed it (easy – on the outside of the trans) and never had that happen ever again.

Hopefully your problem will be something easy like that. Good luck!


A common failure, input and output speed sensors. I still remember the part number; 04800878.

It is absolutely imperative that only the proper transmission fluid be used, and that it be changed regularly. You might get lucky (if major damage hasn’t been done) by changing the fluid and filter.

Look up A604. 100% failure rate. You are more than lucky that this thing is still on the road.