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'Like ‘Car Talk,’ but With Dead People'

Just got back from the cemetery myself. Checking out the new base I had put on a stone that was crumbling from 1905. Guy wasn’t famous and no family left but deserves a head stone not falling apart. They are called ordinary heros, not famous people. You know, the ones that got up at dawn every day to go to work to support their families, or left their home land as a kid to forge a new life and never saw their folks again. Forget the famous people and look at the ordinary folks that are far greater heros in my book and more interesting.


Nice work @Bing. Regular people helping regular people. Kinda like those that are generous with their time and knowledge right here!

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It might be an interesting show if it ever comes to be.

A tip of the hat to you Bing.What a wonderful thing for you to do for the forgotten. :smile: