Lights come on when car is off

Recently when I left my car outside, the brights would come on when the car was off and take awhile to get back to their normal settings. They wouldn’t be on all night though because it wouldn’t drain the battery. When I leave the car in the garage it’s not a problem. Is there something I can do to leave it outside because now I have to?

The trouble is most likely with the light switch. You should be able to disable the lights by pulling out the fuse for the lights until you can have the problem fixed.

Pull out your owners manual.
Now look for the section on your headlights.

Now read through it.
I bet it will tell you that you have a feature that turns the headlights on for a couple of minutes, to allow you walk safely to your door in the dark. My gf’s Chrysler Crossfire does this.

The instructions will also probably tell you how to disable it, if you so desire.