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Lifted 2005 Chevy Colorado Drive Shaft Center Support

I have a lifted 2005 Chevy Colorado. I recently had my drive shaft replaced and the center support mount for it keeps breaking off. I keep welding it back together but it just breaks somewhere else.

The center support that the drive shaft came with is cheap and my drive shaft vibrates when I accelerate because the carrier bearing wash is not sturdy enough.

I’m wondering if anyone can help me find a heavy duty mount that will keep my drive shaft in place.

Any help would be very appreciated.

When the truck was raised, did the center support get re-mounted to meet the new angle of the drive shaft ?
Depending on the degree of lift, a too steep angle at that ujoint creates quite a force there.
( ) and Pick up some 4x4 and off road magazines for tips.

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Universal joints do not transmit torque in a linear fashion, but rather in a sinusoidal fashion, and the greater the angle of articulation is, the greater the amplitude of the waves. IMHO you should first be considering angling the engine and the differential and lowering the carrier bearing to reduce the angles involved. IMHO you should be considering your chronically breaking carrier bearing support as a symptom rather than a problem.

In summary, IMHO your carrier bearing support is not your problem. The angles to which your Universal joints are articulated is the problem.

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