Library mudflap girl


Not so much a question, but we’re getting a lot of attention in Wyoming with our car-related (well, actually out here, it’s pickup-related) marketing campaign featuring the ever-popular mudflap girl. Our site is at


That’s a cool sill-oh-wet. I can’t tell if her left leg is up, or, if her left leg is down. Inquiring mimes and all that.


I luv it! I’m gonna look into this liberry stuff rite away. Whoever knew?


I think this little notice may have crashed their server. I can’t get to the page right now.


It should be back up now – try it again!


Yes, it came back and I saw it later. My one disappointment is that you can’t get the mudflap girl on a set of mudflaps. T-shirts and bumper stickers, but no mudflaps, unless I missed something.


She doesn’t look at all like our local librarian.


I think I’ve seen the mud flap character on trucks before sans the book. Actually very clever bumper stickers.


Nope – sadly, no actual mudflaps. I wanted a set for the ol’ Geo Metro.


Yeah, when she’s not reading, she looks kind of… cold…


I knew that girl looked familiar!

Go here and click on the video: