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Lexus trunk lifter cylinders

this trunk is heavy and requires powerful gas cylinders to lift it. Expensive, yes! Is there an alternative to spending $160 each at the dealer?

I would check at and see what they have. I would also check Lexus parts sellers on the internet to see if you can get discounted Lexus parts. Third choice would be to talk to an independent body shop who may be able to search and get/install quality parts using their discounts that turn out to be much cheaper than the dealer.

jayhawkroy has given you good advice. The key there is that you don’t need to rely on a dealer or even OEM parts. Outside of warranty issues, going to the dealer is normally the surest way to pay the most.

Some dealers sell on-line…AT REDUCED PRICES. I have no idea why. If you walk into the dealership you’ll pay significantly more for a part then you do if you bought the same part from them on-line.

$27 each on