Oil leak in 2001 Lexus RX300

I have been driving waound with a slight oild drip for about 2 years now, well now it is n ot a drip but more of a steady trickle, dealer diagnosed it (2 years ago) with the rear crankshaft gasket leak(If that makes sense, I am writing this from memory) cost is $1500, Are there any suggestions and is the price too high for this repair? I love my car it has 125K miles on it I would love to keep it for another year or two.For now I am driving with the quart of oil in the back so I can add it when it goes too low, but the leak is getting worse.

Any old competent mechanic can diagnose and fix this. Lexus nice car but glorified Toyota. Ask friends, family, and coworkers for a trusty independent mechanic. I have a feeling this can be fixed for at least 1/3 less, this is more labor than parts repair if diagnosis correct. Lexus dealers are nice but you pay top dollar.

That being all said, if one or so of ownership I would check/top your engine oil every fuel fillup or other. Case of oil is pretty cheap. Good luck.

My mistake, I read ‘camshaft’ instead of ‘crankshaft’. Are you sure? Still, $1500 is high, do what Andrew said, you can use the Mechanic finder on cartalk (worked for me). If you’re keeping it another year or two it might well be worth it. With it fixed, you might keep it longer, thereby saving a LOT of money.

Also, while they’re at it, it’s a good time to replace the plugs.

Take your RX300 to an independent mechanic and save some money. The dealer is always more expensive, and this is a pretty standard repair.

Fix the crankshaft seal and then you can drive without worrying about the oil leak.