Lexus service

How often should I have my 2000 Lexus oil changed and car serviced?

The oil is every 5000 miles/6months I believe. However this engine is a Toyota sludger and if you drive a lot of short trips and in city you may want to roll that back to every 3-4k miles/4months.

Don’t you have an owner’s manual? Use the maintenance schedule found therein.

One assumes you bought this car used. Their basic answer is correct, in that the owner’s maintenance manual is the minimum required maintenance.

Yet, on this URL we have people all over the place on maintenance. Many people choose to change oil and coolant and transmission fluid maintenance more often than recommended. I think it is fair to say in their defense that no car has been damaged by excess maintenance properly done, but many cars have been damaged by failure to properly maintain.

I would say the most common oil change cycle here is every 3,000 miles, with new filter each time. And, it is true, over 100,000 miles total cost of this is less than $1,000. That is nothing compared to the cost of a good car.

So, study whatever sources you can find, and make your own decision, except at least as often as the manual states.

I change my '96 ES300 on the 6 mo/5000 mile cycle. I recommend you find a good independent garage, rather than the dealer.