Lexus RX 300 Ignition Lock

My sister’s Lexus would not start one day. We thought it was the battery. Had to have it towed because we did not have jumper cables. Lexus mechanics said it was the ignition lock. Had to be replaced for $700. I’ve always owned really nice cars and have two Lexuses as well. I’ve never heard of an ignition lock and it wearing out. Were the mechanics pulling my sister’s leg?

It certainly could be. What were the symptoms? No start, but everything else worked? On my ES300 that was caused by a bad starter, not the ignition lock. If their work fixed it, they were right. If the problem comes back in the next few weeks, they were wrong.

My sister said she went to start it up and there was absolutely no sound…no nrrnrrr sound you get when an engine is trying its best to turn over. She thought it was the battery in the key gone bad, so she replaced it, but still the car would not make a sound. Also, my husband tried to help her and the steering wheel would not even budge too. He could not turn the steering wheel as it seemed to be stuck completely.

OK, that info now points to the ignition lock.