Lexus Ignition

Twice in the last 6 mos, my 2007 Lexus ES 350 wouldn’t start, turn over or engage. My mechanic says it’s an engineering defect in the electronic ignition that Lexus refuses to recognize. Ever heard of this before? What gives in this otherwise FABULOUS vehicle?

Isn’t your Lexus still under warranty? If it is, you should not be taking it to a mechanic for this problem. This is something that should be covered by your factory warranty, and only the dealer can perform repairs under the terms of that warranty.

If the dealer is not responsive, then you need to kick it up to the Lexus (Toyota) Zone Representative for resolution of your problem.

oh man you have that car,(put a keyfob in a POD type system)what is that?

dont know what the issue is but Mitsubishi lets you open the door by touch,and start the car without the stupid POD,to insert the remote,then push the dumb bright white hillbilly looking (start button.)tacky.kind of redundant,isnt it?

search the web.

good luck!

That sounds like Nissan’s system.

you are correct my apology to the OP.


enlighten me on toyotas.

I agree. This vehicle should still be under warranty (unless you’ve driven some outrageous mileage), and therefore you should take this problem to your local Lexus dealer.

Your mechanic may be correct. Who knows?

You might also try the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) website. If there’s been a recall for this problem they should have information about it.