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Lexus Noise in the rear-pain in the butt

I have a 1993 Lexus SC 300 and have met all maint milestones. Recently had both rear shocks replaced and am getting a SHARP metal contact in the left rear when the suspension begins to load. Mechanic spent afternoon looking in shock mount, trunk, spare, jack, spare and antenna mast-can’t find it. New tires. New rear brakes-told me that was it. Still there. Need help to make this great car better. Roger

Roger, For What It’s Worth . . .

I don’t know a Lexus from a bale of hay, don’t know the body style changes, etcetera, but is your 93 Lexus similar to a 95 Lexus SC300 ?

There was a rear spring “bumper” production change in Oct. 1995 on the SC300s and SC400s in an effort to reduce “clunking/rattling” noises, according to a Lexus Technical Service Bulletin (10/20/95).

Since it sounds like your noise only started after the struts were replaced, I found one comment made in this bulletin that caught my attention . . .

" SERVICE HINT: A similar clunking/rattling type noise can be generated by an
improperly torqued center support nut (27 N-m, 280, 20 ft.lbs).

That center support nut is located at the top of the strut (above the spring bumper).


Roger, See If This Helps. I Don’t Know If This Is Your Problem Sound. I Found A Copy Of The Bulletin And Some Lexus Owners Discussions At This Link: