Lexus IS 350

I am looking at a Lexus at Copart. The auto check says no damage and doesn’t even show the supposed hail damage. A car fax shows that there is structural damage. Car fax or auto check show no accidents. I need some opinions on what I should do.

This is an easy question . There are thousands of used vehicles on the market that will not have you on the web with doubts about the vehicle. So pass on this one.

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Get it inspected by a reputable shop, and ask them to asses the hail damage. Got some hail dents in my car, not worth fixing. It goes and stops.

Best thing to do is look else were.

Copart is the salvage car auction site. That means salvage title, that may be an issue in your state. Might be an issue with your insurance carrier. Unknown damage, don’t know if Copart lets you inspect in person but if they do, bring someone knowledgable.

If the price is low enough and you can afford to walk away from it if it is a real junk heap, sure, go ahead.

From Copart’s site

Can I preview Copart vehicles in person before I bid?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, we highly encourage all Copart Members to inspect vehicles in person before bidding. Although Copart provides 10 high-quality images and general descriptions for each vehicle, any information provided is for convenience only. By visiting a Copart location in person, you can be sure you are bidding on the vehicle you need.

Copart Members with business licenses may preview vehicles Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Individual Members should contact their local Copart location to determine preview days and hours. Nonmembers are welcome at the locations, too, but must pay a $20 visitor fee for each facility visit. When you register to be a Copart Member for free, the fee is waived!

Please note: All guests must be at least 16 years of age to enter Copart locations.

If you’re unable to inspect a vehicle in person, Copart even provides a list of inspection services that will inspect vehicles on your behalf. These inspectors are not Copart employees and would be working as third-party professionals on your behalf.

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The only reason it’s on Copart is because it has MAJOR problems. The fact that you’re asking tells me you should run away. But if you go for it, have it inspected first.