Lexus CT 200h turn signal stays on

Design defect: turn signal fails to cancel after a sweeping turn (e.g., right or left turn from 2nd lane, or a “corner cut” yield-type turn). safety issue is that a non-cancelled turn signal can then cause other drivers tp believe you will be turning, when no such turn is contemplated. this vehicle employs “progressive steering”, which means that steering wheel rotation is progressively magnified in the turn of the front wheels. it appears this minimal steering wheel movement required for a sweeping turn was not contemplated in the placement of the turn signal cancellation mechanism on the steering column. best solution would be to reposition the auto-cancellation tabs so that all turns would properly cancel. secondary – easier & cheaper – remedy would be to add a profoundly audible interior signal for a signal left uncancelled for greater than (20?) seconds. *tr

Turn down the music so you can hear the turn signals, police and ambulance sirens and other little things like that. Or you could look at the blinking lights on your dash. Or do you need an app that will text you when your turn signal is on.

The problem is operator malfunction , not design problem.

And once again from this referral site, there is NO question, only a rant.

I agree with the others

Somebody with decent hearing should be able to hear the clicking, and thus determine the turn signals are still on

And even if your hearing isn’t so good, you should notice the green arrow blinking in your cluster

Doesn’t really sound like there’s anything wrong with the car