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Lexus confuses me

What is the deal with that Lexus ad? What does breaking a wine glass with sound waves have to do with making a good car?

Well, at least they are not stating that they make defect-free cars!
If they did that, they would be lying.

When Toyota first introduced Lexus, didn’t the ads just have rocks and running water?

Maybe they went back to their original marketing plan.

No, the rocks & running water constituted the ad scheme for the original Infiniti Q-45.

The purpose of advertising people (advertising pukes is unkind) is to get your attention and then to get you to remember their ad. In this case the mission was accomplished!

They originally had a ball gage (ball bearing) rolling along the seams to show how consistant they were.

Not that I can remember any specifics with cars, but there have been many ads otherwise that did get my attention in a “grating” way and create a negative feeling about the product…tough job being an advertiser.

The worst campaign IMHO is the Lincoln ads. They use high tech generated graphics to try to leave the impression that driving a Lincoln will be like blasting off in a spaceship. In the process, they show and tell the viewer absolutely nothing whatsoever about the car. You can watch the entire ad and still not know what the car looks like inside or outside or anything else about it. The only impression it leaves me with is “huh?”.

I just finished a writing class headed by a instructor that proposed our current group of “young people” could not resist the images and suggestions that are found in advertising today. She felt that young women should not be held responsible for their eating disorders as the skinny image is so heavily promoted. Myself I don’t fully agree that advertising suggestions cannot be resisted but I did conceede some of her points.

She was a Doctoral candidate that specializes in the subject of minority discrimination, and was over weight.

That only means that the quality of Lexus cars is unbreakable due to some it is still questionable that all the repairs of Lexus a re easy. Lexus repair questions are very open on responding on this kind of questions or issues.