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Letsuck dealer: "Change 'Lifetime' transmission fluid every 30k."

Letsuck wants over $350 to change the transmission fluid.
Trusted transmission place charges $215. (Accepted $200 cash.)
2016 RX350 135k miles

Is there some way I can periodically drain transmission fluid until it stops draining, then add thexact amount of new correctransmission fluid?
How and where is it added to the “sealed” transmission?

Thank you.

Use this video…its for a Toyota.

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Thank you.

The 15.00 was worth it just to have you go away .


Am I the only person who thinks that $350 to change the transmission fluid and filter–at a dealer, nonetheless–is not unreasonable? Say for the sake of argument, the job takes an hour of labor, 6 quarts of OEM transmission fluid, and an OEM filter and gasket set. If the dealer charges $200 an hour for labor, it is not unreasonable to think that the materials and shop supplies would come to another $150.

Now if you had said the price was $450 or $550, then I’d agree it’s high.

I think prices at independent shops vary widely depending on where you are located and what kind of shop it is, due to factors too numerous to discuss here. But no, a pan and filter service at a dealer for that price isn’t outrageous. Where I am, at our rates, that service at an indy shop would be a little under $300.

Somewhere else here there’s a thread and someone posted that he got a wheel bearing replaced on a 99 Corolla for under $200 using quality Timken parts. I can tell you $200 would barely cover the labor charge here.

Lexus dealer only drains and fills. They do not back flush concerned that may cause more harm than good.
Transmission shop said same. Only drained and filled.
(Now Stat blood transport)

A friend of mine got a quote of $700 to do a trans oil and filter change on his E-class Mercedes at the dealer. I paid $175 to get my Chevy truck done at an indy shop.

Yeah, I think $350 is a bit much to charge.

It’s worth more than that.

That depends on the age of the truck. Sometime in the last 10 years or so it got a little more involved. On a late model 4WD Tahoe/Silverado, etc., removing the trans pan involves jacking the trans up off of the crossmember and lowering the exhaust Y-pipe. It’s something like 2.2 hours, so labor alone can be over $250. 6 qts of Dexron6 and a filter kit and you’re over $350.


On my 2000 Silverado with just RWD, it was a major pain to get the transmission pan off, and required taking apart an exhaust pipe. I looked at the instructions for doing the same procedure on a 4WD model and was very thankful that my truck is not 4WD.

I paid $190 at the dealer on our 2017 at 30k miles. The fluid was tan, probably fine, I felt it was worth it even though 97k is the recommended interval. Figured the towing might shorten he life.

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Must be GMT900 trucks… My 2004 GMT800 4WD pan slipped off without removing anything. I did the first change at 80K, paid for the 2nd one at 120K because no matter how careful you are… it still makes a mess. And ATF is nasty, IMHO.

The pan should be dropped and filter changed every 50k miles. 30k miles drain and fill is overkill. Wife has well over 250k miles on her 07 Lexus and my 14 Highlander has over 150k miles…and both follow the drop pan and replace filter every 50k miles…no issues what-so-ever with tranny.

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At least your Lexus dealer wasn’t trying to talk you into changing the fluid every 15,000 miles, like mine did. Last time I went there for service.

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Good idea if towing.
Wish there were a dipstick so the transmission fluid quality could be discerned.
At 135k, the transmission shop said the fluid was not bad.
The RX350 attainsome high speeds but I accelerate gently.

Luckily I have one, I understand your concerns,

Get a syringe and put a clear, flexible plastic hose on the end. Open the fill/drain hole, put the tube in, and withdraw a small amount of fluid. After you look at it, you can put the fluid back.

Have not dropped a pan since our 94 Jeep Cherokee which would have a lot more room.
All I have is Walmart plastic ramps I use for changing motor oil.
(If I could, I’d cut a work trough in the garage floor cement. Buthat will never happen.)

Your RX350 does not have a pan on the bottom of the transmission to remove or drop.

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