Let someone sleep on your couch for a night? Didn't tell your insurance? You may not be covered!

A man finds out that in the fine print of his insurance policy, he is supposed to inform his insurance company of a 14 year old who is living with him. The 14 year old doesn’t have a license, doesn’t drive, and had nothing to do with the accident. The insurance company used this as a reason to deny coverage of an accident.

I like to call this kind of thing fine print fraud. A company offers a product or service advertised in large print, but in the pages and pages of fine print you find out that they actually don’t offer what is advertised.

A good lawyer would have filed a “bad faith” lawsuit against the insurance company and gotten a settlement.

I highly suspect that wasn’t one of the bigger insurance companies (AllState, State Farm…etc)

I’ve been subjected to the foot dragging, delay tactics and resurrection of a decided suit after judgment when their lawyers pleaded ridiculous reasons they didn’t show up. Then, actually collecting is another similar battle. They have lawyers on retainer and very deep pockets. Unless you have the same, are independently wealthy or are significantly motivated by rage- they can easily make this not worth your while.

Never had to make too many claims for auto (thank-god), but the ones I did worked out find. HOWEVER…almost every single claim for myself, wife or kids health insurance…always had to fight it. One was an ambulance ride. Insurance policy clearly says 100% covered. Took over 2 years to get this settled. I firmly believe insurance companies do this purposely and expect a certain percentage to just give up the fight and pay the bill. We won every claim we fought.

Similar experience- health insurance always inquiring how the injury was obtained, looking to pin the costs on someone else. Kid had a compression fracture of the arm. Insurance immediately asking for details. Happened at the school property after hours but I don’t want them getting money from the school. What happened? He fell down. Where? On the ground. At home? No. (don’t want my homeowner’s affected) Where? On public land. At this point they gave up…

I think we had at least 3 kids 1 at a time hang out with us while daughter was in high school. The one that stands out was a kid that got kicked out of his house because his dad a navy vet said you sign up for drama class you are out. He signed up for drama class, was a friend of our daughters. Stayed maybe 3 months, finished school, then signed up for the navy. Insurance never a thought.

Cancellation was appealed, and upheld.

Bad faith suits are not litigated in court but through the state’s insurance commission. Insurance companies hate those actions as the loss rate for them is greater than 50% in many states.

Texases said it was denied. In this one instance.
So, it can happen.