No audio for my 2003 Subaru Legacy

About a year ago, the radio in my car starting working intermittently. First a speaker or 2 went out. Then the radio would play only occasionally (usually on warm days). Finally it quit altogether. The radio got power and showed stations or cd tracks, but there was no audio.

We looked at fuses, wire connections, speakers, etc. Finally I got a new radio, and once installed, there is still no audio. Any suggestions?

Based on what you report, I would suspect that there is a break (probably internally) in the wiring harness that supplies power to the audio system. The break in the wiring was in its infancy when the radio played only intermittently, and may have been affected at that point by temperature or by road shock. Later, the wiring was probably severed completely. A good auto electric specialist should be able to trace the problem.

If you have the McIntosh system then there may be a external amplifier involved. If you don’t have that system then the wires to the speakers may be broken in the door jams possibly or the speakers are bad. You could try tieing in a known good speaker to one of the door connections and see if that works.

The wires going through the gangway in the door is a good place to look for breaks. Sounds like a connection issue to the speakers or bad speakers.

I am dealing with the identical problem with my 2003 legacy. I have had a new radio installed this past weekend and only the drivers side rear speaker works intermittently. I will post any solution on this site that I can find.

Having a similar issue with the radio in my 2000 Subaru Legacy (192,000 miles). My issue includes intermittent “popping” of the speakers. There are also periods where there is dead silence and no ability to adjust the volume (turn the volume knob, nothing happens).

Interestingly, when the radio is silent and I push “scan”, the tuner will just run in circles without ever picking anything up.

When it does work and sound is only coming from one speaker or one set of speakers, if I change the band setting (FM1 to FM2 to AM, etc.) sound then starts coming from all speakers as normal. I’ve check all the speakers when working normally and they all produce sound.

Any other thoughts with these additional symptoms? I will check the gang ways as suggested an post if I find anything.

It sounds to me there are some internal issues going on inside the radio. The band switch may be part of the trouble. Check Ebay for some good prices on used radios.