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Left foot braking

Noah (show 937 caller 9) complained that his partner made him uncomfortable with left foot braking. It sounded like the problem was jerky driving, i.e. braking while accelerating, and not necessarily which foot was on which pedal.

I submit that instead of asking his partner to try to learn to right foot brake, he should suggest a pause between lifting of the throttle and applying the brake. This gives the car a chance to transfer weight from the rear (during acceleration), to balanced (coasting), to front (braking). I’m sure the car and passenger will appreciate it.

There are bad, jerky drivers who brake with their right foot as well.
The partner needs to learn to drive smoothly, with whichever foot the partner chooses.

I have been braking with my left foot since 1965 (that’s 44 years) and no one has ever accused me of erratic or unresponsive driving.

I have been braking with my left foot for 55 years and I haven’t had a problem with it. I think it is the only way to drive. what could be simpler, right foot to go and left foot to woah?

Maybe the solution is that if his partner’s driving makes him nervous, he should take over the driving duties. Maybe the foot he uses to apply the brakes isn’t the issue.

I don’t care if you brake with your right foot or your left foot. If your driving makes me nervous, I will either insist on driving or not ride with you.

Its my Father that does the left foot thing in my case. Funny thing is he taught me to drive and it was right foot only. He is absolutely terrible in any kind of winding drive thru path like at the bank,I can feel the car straing to move but being held back by the brakes. I wonder why he started driving like this just because he got older,what happened?

Keeping the left foot over the brake can also increase your reaction time for braking. The way people have been driving of late, it’s saved me from several accidents when people do really stupid things on the road.

Like Docnick says, the foot doesn’t rule a jerky driver. I employed a woman who was married to a DIGITAL driver. He gave me a lift one time and maintained his street speed by continually moving his right foot between the accelerator and brake faster that once a second. Walking is MUCH more relaxing!