LED headlights

i have googled it and have looked just about every where but cant find anything saying that LED headlight are illegal i know the HID kits are illegal but how about the LED light??

If the manufacturer states that its LED headlights “Meets DOT Requirements” or are “SAE Approved”, then they are legal.

See, for example. the statement at the bottom of GE’s LED advertisement here.

HID headlights are far brighter than current LED configuration headlights. That’s why they are illegal and LED’s are not.

I’ve never received any letters stating my factory HIDs are illegal and need to be changed for a different kind of headlamp

So, you want to CHANGE your headlights ?
Or buy another vehicle and choose that option ?

Wait right there.

Test drive a vehicle that has them FIRST…in the night…in the rain…with no street lamps.
Then decide.
– different people have different perferences for the light they need to see well. –

I don’t like LEDs, they don’t seem to broadcast as much reflective light for ME to see. ( wrong color or spectrum )
A good example is flashlights.
aim either one right in you face and you’d swear the LED is brighter.
Use either one in the same dark attic or under the same hood …
and I can NOT see as much with the LED light as I can with the halogen.

With the halogen I can see more detail and make out color differences much much better.
In the attic last week looking at a leak with an LED flashlight ( 3 aaa bat / 6 led ) .
I had to climb all the way down and go get my 2aa Mag Light so I could see the definition between wood and leak !

Ken, LED technology has advanced a lot in the last couple of years. I have a single bulb, 3 c cell, that will outshine my 1 million candle power 12v halogen. Turning it on outdoors at night is like turning on daylight.