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With regard to the so-called “bright” headlights (such as Sylvania’s Silver Star or Wagner’s Bright Light or NAPA’s Tru View), has there been any type of scientific tests to determine whether these lights are really brighter than the common garden variety of headlights? I personally can’t notice the difference in brightness in these headlights. Thank you very much.

Took mine out and put back o.e.
Personal preference I guess, but I can see more with o.e. halogen.

No, they’re not any brighter overall, they would be illegal if they were. They are just a little bit of a different color.

The only bulbs I use are Sylvania XtraVision. They DO NOT have a blue tint on the bulb. The tinted bulbs are worthless.

If you REALLY want to know about automotive headlights, check out

Dan is the automotive lighting equivalent of Bob the oil guy.

Not all those lights are the same.  It is possible to produce lamps that will be brighter and legal by making them more efficient.  Doing so also gives them a shorter life.  

Note: unless the law has changed, the law limits the lamps to 55 watts for the driving lights (I seem to recall 65W for brights.

 Many of the lights that advertise as being "brighter" are only the same old lamp, dyed blue.  Blue has been associated with the brighter HID lamps (they make their bulbs brighter by using a totally different technology which puts out a blue appearing light.) 

Your eyes are most sensitive to green light. However you would see less with a light that was filtered green because there would be less light overall and because magenta colored objects would be very difficult to see. This same effect limits the usefulness of the HID lights as well.

 In short, unless you are going to spend some large dollars, you likely best off staying with what you have.  

 My personal choice would be to go back to the old glass lamps where you replaced the cover reflector and bulb all at the same time using nothing more than a screw driver and could do it in five minutes and do it cheaply.  You could also switch to e-codes which provided a far better light distribution.  But the designers wanted sexy looking lights, not effiective easy to service lights.

The ones that give absolutely EXCELLENT LIGHT with no blue tint and I always use on any car are

Please don’t keep us in suspense, galaxybeing, tell us which headlight bulbs you use.