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Lease to Purchase?

We love our 2008 Saturn Outlook, my concern is if we purchase the vehicle will parts be available, since Saturn Company is out in limbo! Does it become a collectible or just junk? Finally, is the lease contract negotiable to buy? Thanks1

I’m sure there will be aftermarket parts available for some time to come for this vehicle. I can’t comment on the lease contract.

The purchase price after a lease can be negotiated .

Saturn shares MANY MANY parts with other GM vehicles…especially mechanical parts. I wouldn’t worry about it…Being in a Lease is what I’d worry about…Money pits.

Since your car has been orphaned by GM, and the “new” GM could not care less about the old GM, at the end of the lease, the purchase price will be VERY negotiable…Do not let the lease company detect any purchase interest on your part, let them approach you with an offer and then you make a counter offer…