1994 Chevrolet Corvette front end shakes

Hi. My 1994 corvette front end shakes at about 65-70 on the highway. Tires are fairly new. Had it in the shop and they weren’t able to diagnose the problem. Any thoughts what it could be ?

Bent wheel, bad tires, worn steering rack, bent wheel hub… All can cause this.

If your shop can’t find it, find another shop. Good Luck

A worn strut/shock can cause a shake.


Thanks for the reply. I thought that too. Mechanic told me struts are ok.

Thanks for the reply. Might have to find another shop to take it too

Some ideas beyond the good ones posted above

  • Wheel weight has fallen off. Not an uncommon thing, I find them on the side of the road frequently. Have the tire balance double checked.
  • Bad bushings in the suspension system. Not a surprising thing , given the age of the vehicle. I was doing a general look-see inspection at the underside of my similar vintage Corolla today while changing the oil, and noticed some of the suspension bushings had developed some cracks and need to be replaced.

Find a shop with a Hunter GSP9700 RoadForce balance machine - and have them roadforce the tires.


you going to paint it first or fix vibration?