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Leaky tire rims

My wife’s 2001 Chrysler Concorde can’t seem to keep the air in the tires due to leaky rims. Mechanics say they are pitted and that’s the best they can do. They have used rim sealant. Can I just use tire tubes until we get rid of this thing?

If you can find tubes and have them installed that will get you by. Can’t you find good used wheels at a salvage yard or tire shop?

I agree, used steel rims from a junkyard are a better option. Tubes are pretty rare these days.

I don’t think you can just stick tubes in what are designed to be tubeless tires. I believe there may be a safety issue.

I, too, have some leaky wheels and have to continually add air to two of the tires on my car.

I’ve learned to check the pressure and add air as needed.

How hard is that?

How long are you planning to keep it?

This is not an uncommon problem. A good tire shop should be able to dismount the tires and clean (perhaps sandblast) the rims so a good seal is made with the beads of the tubeless tires.

Call a few tire shops, explain the issue and get quotes for a fix.

Your tires can be new and perfect and still the tire will lose pressure if the bead on the rim is not what it needs to be. It takes just one bad pothole to dent a rim and from then on your tire will lose pressure. It doesn’t help to seal the rim.
If there is a tire tube available for your tire, and if you can get it installed, it might be worth the cost of that experiment.