Leaky fuel tank in 2002 Nissan Frontier

I have a fuel tank leak when filled. their are none available tried the dealer,.aftermarket, used .the truck only has 98,ooo miles.the complaints are around the sending unit or the straps. does that sealer that you dump in the tank and splash around work

You’re getting ahead of yourself . . .

You need to find out exactly what is leaking

Right now you’re only guessing

It could be fuel tank itself, it could be the fuel sender seal, or something else

There are businesses that can repair a gas tank. You do NOT want to do that yourself! The spalsh around sealer is to trap rust that will constantly shed and clog up your fuel filter. The best it can fix might be pin-holes.

I did a quick internet search on 02 Nissan Frontier replacement gas tanks and found these;


And here;