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Leaking Gas Tank for Nissan


I have a Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo 1993, the gas Tank was leaking gas at the bottom of the tank, and I patched the leak with regular materials I found in Advance Auto Parts. But after few weeks, the gas tank leaked again. The question is it easy to remove the Fuel Tank and replace it with a new Fuel Tank? or how should I repair it without removing it, before I patched it. I am savvy enough to work in cars, but I never removed Fuel Tank before. I love this vehicle and I want to keep it. Please help!!

If the tank is metal, it can be repaired once removed. Most radiator shops can solder a leak fixed. If the tank is plastic or fiberglass, I suggest replacing it. A repair will probably not be feasible with these materials. If you can find one, a salvaged tank may be an economical solution. Just be sure to flush it out before installing it.

The gas tank is metal, but I am daunted by prospect of removing it. I am kind of terrified by removing it, even though, I am very technical savvy. Any suggestion how to remove it?

It should be simple. There should be an access panel in the trunk area over the tank to disconnect the electrical connector for the fuel pump and sender unit. You can also disconnect the fuel lines from the tank here. From underneath, you can loosen the hose clamps for the filler neck and the vent tube and disconnect them from the tank. Then, just undo the two metal straps holding the tank up, and it drops right out.

Step one is to get the tank as empty as you possibly can.
Drive it until you are almost out of gas, then start working on it.

Step two might be to spray any straps that hold it in place, and the bolts/nuts that hold the straps in place with a penetrating spray.

Then you go about removing it.