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Leaking Nissan Versa manual

Nissan Versa, 2014, manual: My car is leaking something. Here are two separate photos. I haven’t done a white paper drip test yet, but feeling it with my fingers doesn’t give me a smell or anything to feel. It’s odd in the random and various splatters — odd to me as I haven’t seen an oil or clutch leak do that in two past cars that had those types of leaks. Thanks in advance! wordy

The most common leak might be a valve cover gasket, where the oil id dripping from is not always the source.

are you 100% certain it isn’t water?

If it is water, it’s probably condensation from the ac system . . . which is entirely normal

That was my fist thought…
if it disappears (evaporates) within an hour or so, without a trace, then it’s probably water (condensate) from the air conditioner/defroster. That’s a normal functioning A/C that does that. Cars drip like that when the A/C is running.

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Thanks for the response. I know how the A.C. condensation looks when it leaks from my car (small stream usually then is gone). The above photos are from two separate parking sites and don’t evaporate.

Thanks for the response. I am going to look into this as a possibility. The random splatter has me guessing. Thanks again!

Don’t ask me how I know, but I’ve heard that by touching the spot with one’s finger tip and touching it to one’s tongue, a sweet taste indicates coolant (or in some cases windshield washer fluid). An oily feel without sweetness is engine, transmission, brake, or power steering oil/fluid.

Keep in that these chemicals should never be ingested, but I’ve heard from a reliable (don’t ask) source that one little taste doesn’t hurt anything.

Without getting run over by somebody, it’s also possible to throw down an old blanket and with a flashlight, see if you can see where the drips are hanging/clinging before dropping to earth. A cell phone picture is worth more than several wordy sentences.

Has this car been in for an oil change or service recently? Keep in mind that any fluid leak isn’t good and the sooner it’s checked out, the better. A minor leak caught early saves possible expensive repairs later.