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Leaking coolant...'88 volvo

im not entirely sure from where my car is leaking coolant, but it looks like its leaking from the thermostat. it’s been leaking for almost a month and i couldnt discover where it was coming from till today. ive gone through two bottles of 50/50 coolant already! about 2 monthes ago i had changed the thermostat to try and fix a different problem with my car not starting properly. but it was put back together properly, and i didnt notice it leaking till 2 weeks later.

from under the car its coming out from the drip pan.

im curious if you have any idea what might be going on and or how to check if its leaking form there/ how to fix it

Get a pressure tester at a local parts store that will lend them out and learn how to use it.

If you are interested in do-it-yourself, get a set of ramps and a pressure tester, put the car up on ramps, and remove the bottom pan, and pump up the pressure and look for the leak.

I recently had a leak that I could not see from any angle so I finally just parked the car and started tearing stuff off the front of the engine until I found the leak. Turned out to be the water pump.

My guess would be the thermostat gaskets. However the way to really find the leak is with a pressure test.