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Help my car has no leaking and coolant is disappearing

Hello guys I have a problem with my car there is no leaks on my car I already did a pressure test and nothing was wrong no leaks and my coolant is still disappearing where is all my coolant going??? If someone can help me that will be great

Classic signs of a leaky head gasket.

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Assuming it was a pressure test on the coolant system. Check the plugs, if one or 2 are really clean in comparison a head gasket leak.

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Have you checked the oil?


If you haven’t checked your oil now would be a good time. If it is way over the full mark or does not really look like oil should then the head gasket theory is in play.

Thanks for the reply I went to the mechanic last week and they changed a pipe that was supposedly leaking and this week I checked and the coolant is still disappearing

Yes I checked the oil and everything is fine right now since I also did a oil change last week the same time that I changed the pipe that was leaking

How fast is it leaking out? There’s always some leaking out through the water pump seal, but that’s on the order of a cup every six months. Leaks on the order of a cup a month might not be detectable by drips on the ground, as it hits something hot and evaporates. Leaks on the order of a cup a day or more, that’s more problematic if it isn’t dripping underneath the car, as it is likely going out the exhaust or into the oil. So first thing, tell us at what rate in cups per day etc you are losing coolant.

If you have an automatic, check the transmission dipstick ( if you have one ) for coolant droplets. The transmission cooler inside your radiator could be leaking.

How much coolant do you add each day? It is unclear if you are adding coolant to compensate for a loss or if the cooling system was under-filled during the repair. It is not unusual to have to top off the cooling system the day after a repair.

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I’m not so sure but I drive it on Sunday and i filled it out that day and then on Monday it was on the F line and then yesterday Tuesday it was on the L line so I kinda had to refill it again on Tuesday since i don’t want the car to over heat on me

The thing is that when I add some coolant is because I see that is on the L line but I don’t add a lot like the whole gallon I add maybe like a few cups onto the reservoir

And is maybe like every 3 or 4 days that I add but I am constantly looking every time I am about to go to work

You could try replacing the radiator cap. The metal one on the radiator itself, not the plastic one on the reservoir. Sometimes the cap is leaky and the system loses pressure, allowing the coolant to boil away. This would not show on a pressure test because they remove the cap to hook up the tester.

A radiator cap is pretty inexpensive and you can get one at a car parts store. Do it when the engine is cold, like before you start it in the morning.

I’m thinking along the same lines here. You may not have an issue yet, just a mechanic that did a poor job of getting all the air out of your system with whatever repair he did last week.

If your oil looks good, your trans fluid looks good, no drops, then I would just keep a good eye on it for the next couple weeks- check the coolant level daily before you start the car- and top off as needed. From what you have told us, I am thinking in a couple more days you will have the air worked out and all will be good.

If you are uncomfortable with that, head back to the mechanic and tell them what is going on.

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Maria, I can do a little checking to see if there is something going on (a common problem) with this specific vehicle if you can give the
Model-Year, please?

Sounds like about a cup or two per day. That’s a pretty big leak, so good idea to check every day and top off until it is resolved. It’s possible it will eventually stop on its own, but I don’t think so. Has your shop done a cooling system pressure test yet? That’s very simple thing to do and is where I’d start if I had this problem on my Corolla. What they do is remove the radiator cap and install an adapter there so they can pressurize the cooling system with compressed air. Not very high, 5-10 psi. About how you’d inflate a basketball. If there’s a leak, the compressed air will force the fluid out and they can see it, or at least tell it is leaking since the pressure won’t hold. There are dyes available they sometimes put into the coolant to make find the source of the leak easier.

Another idea have a friend follow behind you, make sure the engine is fully warmed up, then both of you drive to someplace you can really step on the gas, like a freeway on ramp, accelerate from 0-60 mph as fast as you can – safely, your friend following behind in their own car. The friend should be watching the exhaust from your car for signs of white smoke.

Yes they did the pressure test and they did found a leak and they fixed it but then the next week which was this Sunday it didn’t have any coolant in the reservoir tank

They found one of the leaks. There must be another one.

Yes I would be going back ok Saturday and hopefully is not anything major whatever happens I would let tall know thanks so much for everyone’s help