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Lazy airconditioner

I have a 2003 Jaguar S-Type, 3 months ago I was driving and I tought I heard a “pop” sound. I wasn’t sure where it came from or even if I indeed heard it for real. However, I noticed after that my air conditioner now only works when I am actually moving. I investigated and it seems the cooling fan (which is very well hidden) doesn’t seem to be working. Can someone please tell me if this is all related, and if so about how much approximately how much might it cost?

Your electric engine cooling fan should come on at high speed anytime that the AC is on. If it is not, then you need to find the problem and fix it before it leads to engine damage. There are four possibilities.

  1. The cooling fan has failed.
  2. The power wiring to the cooling fan is bad.
  3. The control wire from the PCM is bad.
  4. The PCM is bad.

The power for the fan goes through a 60A fuse that is in the under the hood electrical junction box. The wiring is short, large, and easy to trace.
The fan motor has control electronics built in and is powered all of the time. There are no fan relays on this car.

Thanks much for the advice. One follow up question; which one would be the most expensive of these possibilities?

The PCM would be the most expensive. The fan (second most expensive) is the most likely thing to have failed.
Once you have the problem correctly diagnosed, if it is the fan, then you can buy the fan for a 2003 Lincoln LS for cheaper than the fan for a 2003 Jaguar. They are the exactly the same part either way, Jaguar just puts a higher markup on it.