2003 Jaguar S-Type Air Conditioner Problem

My S-Type air conditioner occasionally switches to hot air through all vents (about 10 times in two years). When I lower the temperature selection to the lowest setting (60 degrees) then hot air still blows through the side vents, but the center vent air is cool. If I turn off the engine, let it set for about 30 seconds, it resets and then blows cold air through all vents as it should. I have taken it to the local Jaguar Dealer and they added freon, even though they could find no leaks. They told me to try that, which I did. After driving the car to Dallas (approximately 200 miles) the air conditioner switched to hot air again. I turned off the engine, waited 30 seconds and restarted. It was ok until I got back to Oklahoma City. Just as I reached OKC, it switched to hot air again. The “turn off engine, wait 30 seconds, and restart” procedure again worked. It continues to work ok again. I am going to take it back to the Jaguar Dealer, but I am not sure what I should tell them to help get this resolved. I appreciate any suggestions or advice about this.

You probably have a failing DCCV. (Dual Coolant Control Valve) It’s a common issue.

Thanks for reply - I will run that by the Dealer when I take it in again this week. Other things which I have found that could be the problem are:

AC Control Module
Temperature Sensor
Coolant Control Valve
Software Update - reset computer

Are these also reasonable possibilities? I want to be “armed” when I to back. Thanks.

Coolant Control Valve is aka the DCCV.
Those are all reasonable. The S type is a sister to the Lincoln LS, which uses the same HVAC hardware, just with different software. In the case of the LS, failure of the DCCV seems to be the most common problem for the HVAC system to have. Coolant leaks into the solenoids that control the valves and causes eventual failure.

Thanks for your response - really appreciate it - I will post back when (and if) the Jag Dealer finds the solution.

OK - I took the Jag in to the Dealer yesterday - they checked it and found I need replacement of the Climate Control Module. Luckily, I have a warranty policy which covers this - not sure of the cost yet. I will take it in tomorrow for installation and find out if their diagnosis is correct.

OK - just got the Jag back from the Dealer - they installed a Climate Control Module. Will continue to watch to make sure it works ok and post if I have any problems. Just for those of you who might be interested in cost, etc:

1 XR840134 Module - Air Con…$1,191.45
Labor… …142.29
Sales Tax… …99.78
Total Cost… .$1,433.52

I am very glad I took out an extended warranty with 5StarWarranty.com when I purchased the Jag - it paid the total cost today - I have a 4 year, 100,000 miles, ZERO deductible warranty. To date, the warranty has paid within $100.00 of the premium I paid - and I have 15 months/28,000 miles left on it. Just posting info in case anyone else has the Climate Control Module problem - or are considering whether or not to purchase an extended warranty.

So much for new Climate Control Module! I drove the Jag today and within 40 miles, the air conditioner was blowing hot air. Did it twice. I believe the Jag Dealer is without a clue - I have now spent $180 of my own money and $1400 warranty claim money and STILL have the same problem I did when I started. Any additional suggestions what I can do to get resolution?