Laws of buying a car


i recently purchased a vehicle,took it back within 12 hours to try and see what can be done cause i didnt think that i could afford it after all (layed off for 3 weeks)so i asked if i could just get out from under it… they said no cause papers were allready signed. i asked for the finance companys info so that i could talk to them and they informed me that there wasnt one yet. they said that they gave the deal to a broker and he was gonna find a finance company. so there shows that im not yet financed on the car so can i get out of this or am i stuck?


This sucks but it’s really up to the laws in your community. You should consult your local bar association and ask for legal advice, not post online. In most cases if you sign a contractual agreement you are pretty much bound to abide by it. I’m not sure why you think financing has anything to do with buying something. Oprah tried to give cars to people and didn’t realize they had to pay taxes on them. Financing is really your responsibility and in most cases if you engage in some kind of contract you are pretty much obligated to pay up regardless of whether your financing fell through. I really feel for you because I’ve been laid off for a whole year. It really depends on the terms of the contract. Maybe you can find someone willing to finance you. Even in this market there are still people willing to loan people money though it may come at a high price. Being financed however is usually a completely separate matter from buying a car. Once you take possession of the item you are usually obligated to pay for it. Most bar associations have lawyers who will represent clients pro bono or in other words at no fee. They get experience in trial law and you get the benefit of their education. I wish you luck. If you can’t negotiate some solution with the dealer to take back the car, you really need a good attorney.


I think in most states you can get get out of any contract within 72 hours of signing. Yes you should check out the Bar Assoc. (not the Tavern assoc. though). Don’t dilly dattle around because when I tried contacting the MO Bar assoc. they himmed an hawed said someone will contact me soon. I’m still waiting, 3yrs now. I gave up.

Do a google search I found this one…


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The laws do vary, but in many locations once you see it, sign and drive off the lot it is yours. However since there may be a time sensitive limit, see a local attorney now not latter today. Time is critical.


See a lawyer IMMEDIATELY. Also, write to the state attorney general’s office, division of comsumer affairs. Keep everything fully documented.

Most states have “right to rescision” laws that give the consumer the right to rescind a major purchase involving financing within 72 hours. Whether your state has these, and whether they apply to your situation, is something a lawyer should advise you on.

If you were already laid off when you signed the papers, and the paperwork reflects this, then yo may be stuck. Lenders selling loans on the “secondary” market through brokers is actually quite common. If the dealer is the lender and then sells the loans on the secondary market, you may already be financed. Again, you need a lawyer to review the paperwork.