Law enforcement vehicle crash proofing


I found this article quite interesting. From my safety background and also a 150mph police SUV!


What is Ford going to do to protect the rest of us from one of those Police Interceptors doing 150 mph on the street?


Police, Fire, EMS and tow truck drivers are hit several times a week in the US. On an interstate accident we will park a $750,000 fire truck diagonally before the scene to protect first responders. Police are usually first on scene, before additional resources are available, so they get hit more often.


Good to hear they are being beefed up. We have had several incidents in Minnesota but don’t remember if they were in or out of their squads. Bad deal for everyone. They tend to park out farther from the car they are stopping now and go to the passenger window but still they have to go back to the squad for license/computer checks. We had one deputy essentially run down at a road block a few years ago but nothing but a tank would have helped him-75 mph running through an exit ramp on purpose. Kid’s in jail but wants out now that he says he has matured. I vote no for maybe another 10-15 years.


To help prevent such accidents in Maryland, cars in the lane next to a stopped emergency vehicle are required to move a lane away or slow to at least 10 mph less than the posted speed limit. Most pull left one lane.


Florida does too, but for it to work it must be obeyed. This was Feb 10:


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the pic shows both mufflers were untouched so the car/truck is hitting higher up in the rear hatch area. but i assume a frame stiffener is a good thing in a rear hit


What stood out to me about the article was the shear number of times police are struck. Some have been hit 5-10 times. That’s absurd.